Fire Force [Enen no Shouboutai] – Episode 2 Review

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Written and Illustrated : Atsushi Okubo, Studio : David Production, Direction : Yuki Yase, Script : Yamato Haishima, Character Design : Hideyuki Morioka, Music : Kenichiro Suehiro

Fire Force 8 Tokyo - Image

What Happens in this episode

A new character Arthur is introduced in this chapter. He is Shinra’s frenemy. Both Arthur and Shinra fight against Maki to test their skills which is being supervised by the lieutenant. The captain Obi is talking about the rookie contest and the 8th division representatives are Shinra and Arthur. We are introduced into the weapons department in the 8th division and the next scene they are called when an infernal is present in a house. A shady new character who might/might not be responsible for the fire is shown


This episode mainly focusses on character’s developments and their insecurities.

Shinra Kusakabe : He knows Arthur from his days in the academy and they are constantly fighting. Shinra doesn’t like popular guys and thus leads to him to constantly argue with Arthur.

Arthur Boyle : The newbie who joined in this episode considers himself as a knight. He has always been popular in the academy and since Shinra is always called the devil, he feels that it’s his job as a knight to slay the devil and this leads to constant fighting between the two of them. After Shinra pointed out that Knights are weaker than heroes he always adds the king before the knight and calls himself king knight.

Arthur and Shinra - Image
Arthur correcting himself

Maki One : We see her fighting capabilities and also her background on how is so strong. She is an ex-soldier and that’s the reason for her solid build and also doesn’t like anyone disrespecting the lieutenant. My guess this giving respect to superiors comes from her days as a soldier.

Also, she hates being called gorilla cyclops because it is far away from her idea of being a princess. Even if no one calls her gorilla cyclops but if called something similar to that, she thinks that they are calling her gorilla cyclops and that pisses her off. She also lacks naming sense as she names her abilities bo.

Iris : She remembers something from her past when she sees Maki creating a fireball with a face.

Takehisa Hinawa : He dislikes fire soldiers playing with fire and for some reason, he doesn’t mind being disrespected when Arthur considers him as his equal.

Akiharu Obi : Usually very jovial and gets along with everyone including Arthur who is already on friendly terms with him. He becomes very angry when someone disturbs the scene of a fire as it contains the memories of the survivors or plays with the feelings of the survivors/relatives of the infernal.


The animation is smooth as usual. I also like the colors used when Maki is controlling the flames it, it is more yellow and orange than red also the difference between the flames when she uses her abilities she is calm and when enraged are wonderfully done.

Also, the attention to detail is terrific as when they show the captain training in his room when Shinra falls down. You can see what all the main characters are doing in that scene.

The scene where the flames suddenly appear making a face and then the flame fading away (while showing the scene only for a few seconds) is also commendable.

Final Assesment

This episode focuses more on the development of the characters rather than the action which I didn’t mind.

But what I do mind is that that this episode should have been the 4th or the 5th episode and not the 2nd. They didn’t have a lot of action scenes as they put out the infernal with just one strike and it was comparatively peaceful.

Arthur stabbing the Infernal
Arthur killing the infernal with one strike

I get the fact that not every Infernal will create havoc nor they will be fighting every time an infernal is put to rest. But they came to this stage too quickly. I feel there should be one more episode which showcases their action scenes with Arthur in the mix and then in one of the upcoming episodes should have been this one with no action.

The highlight of the episode is the importance of weapons department in the 8th division and the crucial role it plays especially for soldiers like Akiharu who don’t have any fire controlling abilities. Especially the scene where he takes about the weight of his armour and weapons show, the amount of training people like Akiharu had to undergo to carry the heavy armour and weapons so they can be as good as people with abilities.

Weapons present in the division - Image
Weapons Department in 8th division

The light comedic moments between the different characters (especially the flames created by Maki which are destroyed by the lieutenant) are enjoyable. The mysterious character at the end who was able to manipulate fire and create fire from it also added a bit of suspense to it. My interest has truly piques.

They did not use any music for the scene where Arthur kills the infernal which is noteworthy. Also just like Shinra, Arthur also very easily become a member of the team without any problems. This episode showed, what it means to be an infernal and how much it impacts other people.

Marks : 3.5/5

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