Fire Force [Enen no Shouboutai] – Episode 3 Review

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Written and Illustrated : Atsushi Okubo, Studio : David Production, Direction : Yuki Yase, Script : Yamato Haishima, Character Design : Hideyuki Morioka, Music : Kenichiro Suehiro

What Happens in this episode

Shinra and Arthur participate in the rookie games in which all the divisions send their respective rookies. The character from the previous episode called Joker interrupts the competition to fight Shinra and also passing on certain information. He has an assistant who starts explaining how the world runs. The 1st division captain and its rookie are also introduced in this episode. Akiharu and Shinra have a conversation about the fire force divisions and the role played by 8th division are also clearly mentioned.

Rookie games location


In this episode, we get to see more characters from other division and also a glimpse of what the divisions are actually like, what role each play and how 8th division is woven into all of this.

Leonard Burns: Captain of the 1st division. He is a strict man but kind when it comes to his subordinates as he thanks Akiharu and Shinra for saving her. He was with Shinra when his mother and brother passed away in the fire and Shinra keeps following him to know more about the fire. He is a third class pyrokinetic as he manipulated fire to save Tamaki.

Burns Img

Tamaki Kotatsu: She is the rookie from the first division and a third class pyrokinetic. She is very proud of herself and her division as when Shinra tried to talk to Burns again (he pushed Shinra away once already) she immediately came to defend her captain from being disturbed again.

She has lecher lure thing going on which always ends with her getting in uncomfortable positions with the opposite sex. She also wears revealing clothes on top of that.

Tamaki using her ability

Joker: The character which was introduced in the previous episodes. Not much is divulged about his background but he has a deep understanding of the special fire force divisions, what they are hiding and also, who the enemy is. He always wants to be the centre of attraction and if not he will do whatever it takes so that all the attention is on him.

Joker using his ability

He has the ability to control ashes which are being created by his assistant/researcher. He knows what happened to Shinra’s mom and his brother during the fire 12 years ago. He is ruthless when it comes to achieving his goals as he was ready to kill two people to prove to Shinra that he is a devil and not a hero.

Joker controlling ashes

Akiharu Obi: We get to see more of his past and also the reason he is the captain of the 8th division ( and I think the only captain who is not a pyrokinetic)

Shinra Kusakabe: Shinra had the opportunity to know more about his past but he didn’t pursue that in order to save the fighter who were trapped inside the building. He also started to form his own opinions regarding the fire force divisions and is even more determined to solve the mystery of the spontaneous human fire combustion after hearing the explanation from Akiharu.


The fight sequences between Shinra and Joker, the use of ashes (especially the words created using the ashes) are all well done and I enjoyed those scenes.

Ashes exploding

One other thing is that the color of Tamaki’s flames is also good and I hope to see more and more different fire colors for the rest of the series.

Tamaki's flames

Final Assessment

This episode tells us the relationship and the balance maintained between the divisions and how each division will react only if it benefits their end goal or their organization which is backing them up.

Joker, who until the previous episode considered as the potential villain and the cause of the spontaneous human combustion is now slowly moving away from the villain role to a more ambiguous one. (where we don’t know what role he plays in all of this!)

Joker's choice

I didnt mind the Tamaki’s actions but hopefully they won’t use it frequently. I really like joker as a character and hopefully he will appear more in the future episodes.

Marks : 3.5/5

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