Fire Force [Enen no Shouboutai] – Episode 4 Review

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Written and Illustrated : Atsushi Okubo, Studio : David Production, Direction : Yuki Yase, Script : Yamato Haishima, Character Design : Hideyuki Morioka, Music : Kenichiro Suehiro

What Happens in this episode

We are introduced to to the 5th division (which is controlled by Haijima industries) and it’s Captain, Princess Hibana. We also get to see what happens when the members are not fighting an infernal as Shinra and Arthur save a mascot (from the previous episode) who is stuck on a tree. Then A former firefighter who is accused of killing innocent people becomes an infernal with his sanity intact and raises havoc on the city.

Fire Force 5th Division


The focus of this episode is on the 5th division and the views of other division regarding the 8th can also be seen. Regarding character development, there is almost none in this episode with the exception of the sister who shares a past with the captain of the fifth division and Shinra struggling to kill the infernal initially due to it being more human than infernal.

Princess Hibana: Captain of the fifth division. She is an extremely beautiful woman who takes advantage of her beauty and uses the men in her division as slaves. She uses them as a chair and walks over them. She has a domineering attitude towards everyone. She even uses them as a bookshelf.

Hibana using her ability

She doesn’t care about hierarchy nor jurisdiction and does wherever she pleases. She cares very less about the people around her when capturing an infernal and will only help when the situation is dire. She is a third-generation pyrokinetic. She also has three girls always protecting her and the men standing behind them.

Toru Kishiri: A second class fire soldier of the 5th division and a third-generation pyrokinetic. He considers anyone who is not a pyrokinetic as inferior to him as he calls Akiharu a no-talent nobody.

Setsuo Miyamoto: He is a serial killer and also a former fighter who then became an infernal with his intelligence intact and is also aware of his status as an infernal. He starts smiling when he is acquitted and enjoys the fact that he killed four people. He also understands the law completely as he knew beforehand that he has a high chance of being acquitted.

Miyamoto on the process of becoming an infernal


I really like the design of the infernal Setsuo Miyamoto with his dark blue skin color and flames rising from the open part at the back of his head. I also like the way that when he is kicked by Shinra in the stomach he spits tiny from his mouth.

Miyamoto becomes an infernal

That adds a lot more depth to the scene and to the infernal. Compared to other episodes there was lot a less fire in this one which I didn’t mind at all.

Final Assessment

There are two things in this episode which worked well for me.

The first one is that not everyone will approve a fire fighter’s actions and it is aptly proven in this episode when a serial killer (who is a former firefighter) is acquitted because of his past status, doesn’t show any remorse, becomes an infernal and continues to kill.

I don’t know whether this is due to his inherent nature or he has a tragic past (usually for serial killers) but one thing is for sure. When you keep fighting infernals it takes a toll on you emotionally and becomes tough to maintain your sanity through all this.

Setsu Miyamoto is a prime example of what happens when a firefighter loses his basic instincts due to his constant fighting.

The second one is what do firefighters do when not fighting infernals. They mostly do paperwork but they also have to do the occasional work of a normal firefighter as people tend to call the special firefighters by mistakes. This makes them normal, at the very least for a short duration.

Shinra and other doing paperwork

The introduction of the justice system, 5th division and its captain, the relationship between all the divisions (which was not shown until now) all added more depth to the world of fire force and made it even more interesting.

Princess Hibana using her members as a chair

Regarding the portrayal of all the women in the series, I will give my thoughts during the final episode of fire force as I will then know how much importance they have given to the female characters and also the growth shown during the series.

The question this episode raises is, what about the infernal who has their sense of self and also have not done any wrongdoing before or after becoming an infernal? Do you still kill them?

This becomes a very important question and hopefully, there will be a sufficient answer in the future episodes. At the end, I enjoyed this episode more compared to the previous one.

Marks : 4/5

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