Fire Force [Enen no Shouboutai] – Episode 5 Review

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Written and Illustrated : Atsushi Okubo, Studio : David Production, Direction : Yuki Yase, Script : Yamato Haishima, Character Design : Hideyuki Morioka, Music : Kenichiro Suehiro

What Happens in this episode

This is the continuation of the previous episode where we are shown a slight peek into the connection between sister Iris and princess Hibana.

Hibana's Past

Obi doesn’t trust the 5th division and is planning to enter their base and steal their data. In preparation for that Shinra and Arthur are being trained by Hinawa. But their plan is disrupted when Sister Iris meets Hibana at the 5th division base and convinces her to go back to her old ways, instead, Hibana captures her to lure the 8th division.

Meanwhile, in the 5th division’s base we see Hibana and the other researcher torturing the infernal they caught (from the previous episode)

Hibana torturing the infernal

Fearing the safety of Iris, Shinra and the others break into the base and stars creating havoc.


When it comes to character development, this episode focuses mainly on Iris and Hibana. We also the pyrokinetic abilities of Hinawa and Toru Kishiri (of the 5th)

Sister Iris: We get a glimpse of her past with Hibana and how she sees her as a sister figure with going so far to the 8th base and begging her to change her ways. We see her vulnerability and her helplessness in this episode.

Iris's Past

Princess Hibana: According to Hinawa, she was a nobody who rose to the ranks of a captain by illegally researching infernals and selling away her data.

We got a glimpse of her twisted personality in the previous episode but this episode takes it to a whole new level when she is seen torturing the infernal with a sadistic laugh which even frightens her division members.

Hibana's twisted personality

From Iris’s past we are seen that she was not always like that, but during her journey to become captain, her personality changed and became a twisted individual. She went so far to burn the nun attire worn by sister Iris because it reminded her of her past.

Hibana choking Iris

She has some semblance of emotion left as when she gave her jacket to cover Iris’s body.

Setuso Miyamoto: We see the infernal from the previous episode getting a power-up (due to the research done by the 5th division) and facing Arthur in a battle.


I liked the fight scenes of Hinawa where he uses gun-fu (gun fighting and Kung fu….well more of guns rather than kung fu) and also the bubblegum bursting scene is noteworthy.

Hinawa fighting

Except for the fight between Arthur and the infernal the flames are not used much in this episode, but they still kept me hooked in the fight scenes.

Toru's bubblegum bursting ability
Bubblegum Bursting

Final Assessment

Everything was fine until Arthur’s fight scene which made me confused. First is, how does someone forget to use their dominant hand in a fight. I get the fact that he’s an idiot through and through, but this on another scale.

Arthur holding his sword in his non dominant hand

Even experienced fighters use their non-dominant hand when fighting opponents they know that they can win against or in practice when training other people. But not Arthur, he’s a rookie who has only a few weeks of experience.

Also when Hinawa is talking something important he looks at the small bird beside him and starts talking nonsense. (Hinawa is saying something important)

Arthur talking with the birds

Hinawa doesn’t even reprimand him for his actions. How/why does Arthur get the special treatment I don’t know nor does the show explain it, but if they are trying to be funny, then it falls very flat and does not even conjure a smile.

A few episodes before, Maki teaches him a lesson for being rude to Hinawa but in this episode she doesn’t do anything. There is character inconsistency on that part for both Maki and Hinawa. Hopefully, they will rectify this in the future episodes.

I didn’t mind princess Hibana and her personality and it intrigued me more to find out what made her like this if she was associated with Iris in the past. (who is completely opposite to her)

For me, what saved this episode from being boring and dull was the action scenes and Hibana.

Marks : 3/5

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