Special Crime Investigation Unit Sector 7 – Episode 2 Review

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Studio : ANIMA&CO; Direction : Harume Kosaka; Script : Takayuki Kuriyama, Yuichiro Higashide; Character Design : Hiroya Lijima; Music : Ryo Takahashi

Special Crime Investigation Unit - Sector 7 photo

What happens in this episode

We are given a detailed report on the existence of the sector 7 division and also a few information about the members as well. The rest of the episode shows them taking a case involving four dead politicians and how they solve it.

My Thoughts

I liked this episode for lots of reasons. First there were very little action sequences and they solved the crime in the most humane way possible (in a world of different races!) and this episode proves that not every case the police take on (even for sector 7) will involve heavy fighting and chasing and some cases can be solved by using the mind.

This episode talks more about the characters and it gives us a sense of who they are. We are also given a few information about sector 7 and Nine which I will talk after completing my analysis of the characters. As I told you before they are investigating the case of four dead politicians and each character has a role to play and through this episode, they are telling us the basic structure of sector 7.

The whole team minus the boss

Seiji gets assigned the codename rookie by the boss (even though he doesn’t like it) and goes along with Shiori Ichinose to look at the crime scene. He was once a traffic cop before being a detective and this is his first time being at a crime scene. I think this scene plays an important part because I think any other cop would have puked or be disgusted when entering a crime scene for the first time but not for Seiji, as he has already seen death ( his flashback from the previous episode) prevents him from behaving like that.

Seiji Marital arts

He is proficient in martial arts and can hold his own against a foe. As Shiori doesn’t like doing the physical work, it’s up to Seiji to do all the action. 

The first interrogation scene gives us information on Shiori Ichinose and his interrogation skills which is used later in the episode. This adds more depth and intrigue to the character of Shiori Ichinose. He is the leader of the team and gives precise instructions to the other members. He also has immense trust as others obey his commands without any objection.

Shori Ichinose

He prefers to use his brains more and lets the action go to someone else. He does help from time to time as he came to the aid of Seiji when he’s struggling. Contrary to his look and attitude, he’s very empathetic as he became sad when talking about the family members of the criminals and how best to tell them the news when there is a high chance that they might see him as evil

Shiori & Seiji

Nine: They are a terrorist organization that worship dragons (the mythical beings that once ruled the world) and their leader Warlock was arrested in the terrorist attack nine years ago

Warlock leader of the Nine

Here we have a diverse set of characters and along with their idiosyncrasies which is giving depth to these characters and making them interesting to watch. I only hope that the creators don’t waste these characters and using them effectively and making sure that their idiosyncrasies are followed throughout.

This episode focuses mainly on Shiori and the dynamics he shares with Seiji. We also got to know more about the division, Nine and how other agencies view their members and team as a whole.

Mysterious Guy - 1

Instead of leaving it as a cliffhanger for the last episodes of the season they also showed us that the diamond from the bank robbery case (from episode 1) is stolen by the X shaped scar guy from the previous episode. He shot the guy who was transporting the diamond. I loved the fact that the X shaped scar guy walked behind them and also that they continued the scene from the previous episode.

I am curious as to what Nine’s role in this case, as a slight hint was dropped during the last scene (which may or may not be about them) which is fine I also like the fact the character arc of Seiji is continuing and hopefully they do that to the other characters as well.

The leader who was arrested nine years ago and the guy whom we see before the scene are quite similar which piqued my interest even more.

Mysterious Guy - 2

What irked me in this episode was that this situation came too soon. I feel they should have shown another case which has heavy action and then come to this scene.

On the whole, I am happy with this episode and looking forward to the next one.

Marks: 4/5

I would like to know your views of the show and about my blog as well so let me know your views in the comments section.

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