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Special Crime Investigation Unit Sector 7 – Episode 3 Review

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the images

Studio : ANIMA&CO; Direction : Harume Kosaka; Script : Takayuki Kuriyama, Yuichiro Higashide; Character Design : Hiroya Lijima; Music : Ryo Takahashi

What happens in this episode

Sector 7 is despatched to address a bomb threat and we see the various characters from the previous episodes play a major role in this bomb threat.

My Thoughts

I felt the tension in the episode when they were trying to disarm the bomb and that for me was a big plus when watching the episode. We get a glimpse of Kujaku Nijo’s past (specifically his brother), his connection with Shiori Ichinose and also the possible reason he joined sector 7.

Everyone in panic

This episode showed us the different aspects of the members in crisis. The only one who didn’t show any kind of emotion was Nijo while the rest where visibly tensed and sweating. We also get to see more of the world and how magic is used in conjunction with technology.

The other thing I relished in this episode was the realism shown (to a certain extent!) like when Ichinose starts panting when climbing only a few floors or he can’t shoot correctly when under pressure, when the villain prevents the bomb squad from reaching the scene, how he manipulates the other division to not participate in the bomb threat, when Ichinose arrives late but lets Nakatsuki continue disarming the bomb.

All these scenes give the series more depth and make the episode engaging and the characters become more relatable and humane.

The scene where the villain leader is sitting the park with his dog is cliched but works nonetheless. We also see the guy with the X-shaped scar play a major role in this episode along with the bomber (we don’t see his face at all for some reason, hopefully, they give us one in the future episodes)

The chatty drone which was in the shape of a baby dragon was something different which I didn’t mind. From what I could gather from the first three episodes the villain’s characterization is good and since he uses his brain a lot, the friction formed when these two groups clash should be enjoyable provided they continue this way throughout the series. The music lifts the scenes and augments the tension already present. There is also another bomb threat episode coming up and hopefully, it will be good as this.

Marks: 4/5

I would like to know your views of the show and about my blog as well so let me know your views in the comments section.

5 responses to “Special Crime Investigation Unit Sector 7 – Episode 3 Review”

  1. This reads really well and makes your feelings about the episode clear without giving too much away.


    1. Thank you for the assesment. I will continue this format for the upcoming reviews. By the way, who is your favorite reviewer and also was my previous method too revealing when it came to character and story?


      1. I didn’t think it was too revealing but everyone has different thoughts on what too much information is. As to a favourite reviewer I don’t really have one but there are plenty of great people in the community. Crow and Irina are both awesome but so are MiB, Scott, Leth, and heaps of others. If you are looking for people to follow I’d recommend searching on the wordpress reader for currently airing anime and check out some of the reviews that you come across. You’ll surely find plenty of great people to follow.


    1. Thanks for the review. Please check out my other posts and let me know how it is.


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