Special Crime Investigation Unit Sector 7 – Episode 4 Review

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Studio : ANIMA&CO; Direction : Harume Kosaka; Script : Takayuki Kuriyama, Yuichiro Higashide; Character Design : Hiroya Lijima; Music : Ryo Takahashi

What happens in this episode

The team is investigating a car which suddenly caught fire were one of the two people in the car escaped with light burns whereas the child is in critical condition. They investigate and find culprit behind this attack.

My Thoughts

In this episode, we have the rookie Nanatsuki pairing up with Nijou which makes an interesting pair and I expected them to logging heads with each other in a lot of scenes (knowing the characteristics of the both of them) but oddly not so much. Usually, Nijo is the cool-headed one but in this episode, it’s the exact opposite. In every scene, Nanatsuki is the one playing an active role whereas Nijo is focussed on the case but his mind is wandering elsewhere.

Nanatsuki with Nijo

The suspect of this case is the boy’s father because he insured his son for a large number and his previous sons have also died in an accident.

The leader pairs Nanatsuki with Nijo to investigate the case (for what reason they didn’t mention) and they are doing the job as any detective (in any visual medium) would do as going from place to place and connecting the dots. The rest of the characters play supporting roles.

We see the source who gave them information about the bomb in the previous episode and Nijo’s interaction with him. From the first four episodes, I think it’s the source who has had the most lengthy conversation with Nijo when compared with other members and that says a lot about the Nijo’s character.

Nijo with the source

This episode is too bland (where I was just watching the screen with a blank expression on my face) barring a few places and therefore it feels slow when compared with other episodes and the animation doesn’t help in that aspect where lots of shots feel static. There’s a shot where the doctor is listening to the conversation between Nakatsuki and Nijo when the former was hospitalized after saving the kid. Hopefully, they make something out of that in the future episodes.

The contrast between the two characters could have been given more importance and that would have given a lot of life in this episode. In the fight against the bomber, he lets his anger get the better of him and tries to kill him but stopped by Nanatsuki. When the identity of the bomber is shown it is not a big “never expected that person to be the villain” moment but an ordinary reaction just like any other scene. They could have given more importance to the above-mentioned flaws which would have made the episode even more enjoyable

Nijo confronting the bomber

What I really liked about this episode we get to see the different faces of Kujako Nijo, (His craftiness, anger which is evolving at different stages during the episode as it reaches the pinnacle at the climax and also his smile toward the end makes an interesting watch) it makes him more human-like and relatable and we also see everyone pitches in to help the case as opposed to just standing there and agreeing with the main character. They finished the episode with a tease about a next big attack by Nine. I am looking forward to that eagerly.

The team contributing to the case

Marks : 3.5/5

I would like to know your views of the show and about my blog as well so let me know your views in the comments section.

2 thoughts on “Special Crime Investigation Unit Sector 7 – Episode 4 Review

  1. Karandi says:

    I really enjoyed Nijo in this episode. The case worked well enough, but the detective part of this story is pretty ordinary. Still, if they can make me enjoy spending time with the characters for the episode then they are doing something right.


    1. mokuzaishinrin says:

      For me it’s the pace. I expected some kind of friction which would have made it even more enjoyable. I also liked Nijo but Nijo alone in an episode will be very tough to watch. When someone like rookie who is contrast to his character pairs with him it will be interesting to watch. I am really enjoying this series till now

      Liked by 1 person

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