Special Crime Investigation Unit Sector 7 – Episode 5 Review

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Studio : ANIMA&CO; Direction : Harume Kosaka; Script : Takayuki Kuriyama, Yuichiro Higashide; Character Design : Hiroya Lijima; Music : Ryo Takahashi

What happens in this episode

The team is investigating a magical response which came from a mall and end up in a hostage situation by Nine members.

My Thoughts

This episode discusses more magic and their impact on society. The usual pair of Ichinose and rookie are investigating magic in the mall and people who use magic should be under the control of the government or when using placing magic on objects it should be approved by the government. Nijo is helping the other division with an arms deal in the basement of the mall

Then amateurs recruited by Nine capture the mall along with the sector 7 members. This is the first for the series where it has a single case for multiple episodes and they are off to a great start. This episode takes it’s time and sets the stage for the next episode where the main action happens.

Nine and Dragon
Liking the Nine and Dragon combination

This episode has more life when compared with other episodes and there is a feeling of relaxation among the members and between us, the audience and the show as well. They could still work on the humour but this is a great start and hopefully, they continue the same throughout the series.

I don’t know if it is the budget or the style of the series but in this episode, they don’t show the emotion of the guy who is dead or struggling to stay alive when fighting with the sector 7 team. When the gun is fired, we don’t see blood or the guy falling but the close up of the main cast or the shot of the ceiling or fade out or the sound of people dying. I didn’t mind that in this one but for the next episode, I want something more. For me, the blood and the emotions shown by the people add a lot more depth to the action scenes.

Ichinose planning

The voice actor has done a fine job in playing the main villain in the series as he gives a lot more life to the character especially when he moves from creepy, deep, villainous tone to more fun, villainous tone. The way Ichinose and rookie navigate their way by impersonation is not bad.

As we progress through the series we get to see more of the world and its rules and regulations albeit at a slightly slower pace. Other than the first episode there is not much of action till now and I am a big action lover so I am expecting a lot of action from the next episode. The reveal at the end was quite fascinating.

scar guy holding gun

The series till now focussed on rookie, Nijo and Ichinose but I want to see more of the others as well. They are all present in all the episodes but not too much importance given to them but hopefully, they will change that during the upcoming episodes.

I enjoyed this one and it is a big step-up from the previous episode.

Marks : 4/5

I would like to know your views of the show and about my blog as well so let me know your views in the comments section.

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